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Date Updated: 1/10/2024 | Technology Platform

There are some Hardware and Software requirements that You need to have in place in order for Us to meet Our Service obligations as outlined in our Terms. Those requirements will be listed below in our Technology Platform.

If You do not have all of these Minimum Standards in place before Your Agreement start date, we will work with you on a plan to bring your Network up to our Minimum Standards. We understand that this may take some time depending on timing and budgets so we will do our best to support any items that do not currently meet Our Minimum Standards.

We will update this list from time to time as certain technologies age and other technologies are released and tested by us. Ensuring technology meets minimum and preferably recommended standards helps us mitigate issues, incompatibilities that occur with age, and reduce downtime that your business will experience due to tech problems. Failing to adhere to these guidelines will cause significant trouble for your business if an outage occurs. We would like to avoid that!

ComponentMinimumRecommended (or better)
CPU10th Gen Intel Core i3
AMD Ryzen 3 5300
12th Gen Intel Core i5
AMD Ryzen 5 7700
Memory16 GB DDR432GB DDR5
Storage256GB SSD (any)500GB NVMe SSD
Age of Endpoint< 5 years< 3 years
Operating SystemWindows 10 21H2Windows 11 (most recent ver.)
Device UniformityVariance acceptedRequired

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